Current Events

Current Event #1:   due 1/17

Current Event #2: due 1/24

Current Event #3: will be due on 2/7 (subject to change) 




Each Tuesday we will be looking through newspapers to find current events.  You will find three articles to paste into your current events folder.  Make sure you label each article with publication name, date published, and category.  Each of the three articles will be from one of the following categories:







 After you have chosen, glued, and labeled your three articles for the week, choose one of those articles to write a mini-report on.  The report should follow this format:



Title of the Article

Title of the Publication

     Summary paragraph:  Use your own words to type or write 3-5 sentences about the article chosen.  Read the article first, then put it away so you don't copy anything from the article.  Write what YOU understood the article to be about. 


     Relevance paragraph:  Explain in 3-5 sentences how you believe the information in the article does/can/will affect you or other kids your age.

Your current events folder will be turned in the following Tuesday for grading.  50 points will be possible for each week's assignment:

15 pts. for finding three articles from different categories, each labeled with date published, publication name, and proper category

5 pts. for properly writing your name, date, title of article, and publication name

15 pts. for an accurate and informative summary paragraph

15 pts. for a thoughtful relevance paragraph