Behavior & Discipline

In our classroom, we are a team. We understand that there is a time to work and there is a time to play. We are given many different rewards for our positive choices and we accept consequences for our negative choices. Each day, we can learn to make better choices and be thbe best that we can be.

When we make positive choices in grade 3, we will have opportunities for:

* praise and recognition                      * fun jobs  in the class            * ocassional treats

* extra recess                                            * class parties                            


When we choose to do the wrong thing in grade 3, we will accept the consequence(s):

* being corrected                                 * standing at lunch recess                          * going back to kindergarden for 10 min.

* doing homework at recess             * going to the principal's office                 * receiving a strike

 Mrs. Carnall is a firm believer in the school's strike policy.  After 3 strikes, parents are notified and a detention is to be served.