I have had LOTS of questions regarding the homework books this past week.  Last week your child should have completed the pages for September 5-9th.  Please send the entire book back, my aide will check the homework book and place it back in your child's backpack.  If however, your child did not complete the homework pages for that week or didn't do their monthly reading, she will place a note that either says your child did not turn in the homework book or did not complete the work inside the homework book.  This week was another learning week on how to place papers inside their homework folders. Some students chose to sprawl out onto the floor and observe every paper in his/her mailbox.  When this happened, we think they took other students' papers.  That said, one of those papers might have been the blue or pink note.  SORRY!!  Also, many of you are asking if you tear the pages out.  Please do not as that will ruin the book.  If you have any questions, it is very detailed at the front of the homework book how to complete it and turn it in.  I'm sorry for any mix-up.  Please do not panic if you get this note.  Just catch-up when you can, and turn in the following Friday.  Remember, this book is for fun and to reinforce the skills being taught at school.  It is not meant to be a stress on you or your child.  Have fun with it!!