Class Assignments


Classwork as assigned can be completed for homework. It is the expectation that students meet all given deadlines so as not to fall behind. Go to Google Classroom for all assignments.


StudySync- Computer Access


Go to your gmail account and click on the waffle. Then click the McGraw Hill icon.


Click "launch" on the StudySync Plus page.

Click on the orange circle.

You should then see a "Welcome Page".


StudySync Assignments pop up the date it is assigned. 



October 13-16th

8th Grade

Anne Frank Introductory Essay (Google Classwork) 

Digital Lesson-


7th Grade

A Pirate's Life for Me (Google Classwork- google docs)


October 19-23rd

8th Grade

The Diary of Anne Frank

Assignment #1- JUNE 12 - JULY 5, 1942: One True Friend Due Monday, 10/26


7th Grade

Treasure Island

Chapters 1-3

Comprehension Questions Due Monday, 10/26

Friday- Quiz