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Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations


In our classroom, I expect students to treat each other and myself with respect at all times.  I expect them to follow our classroom rules as well as the directions that I give them.  I expect them to adhere to the school's policy's regarding dress code and conduct.  Above all, I expect them to TRY THEIR BEST AT ALL TIMES!!!

Before coming to Kindergarten, I would like for your child to be able to tie his/her shoes and button/zip his/her pants, write his/her first name, recognize some letters of the alphabet, and recognize the eight basic colors. 

By the end of the schoolyear, I expect your child to be able to recognize all of the letters of the alphabet (Upper and lower case), know all letter sounds, recognize most words on the Fry 100 High Frequency Word list, be able to blend/sound out words, recognize and produce rhyming words, separate the sounds in words, and read a Level D book.

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