August: Nursery Rhymes and Favorite Stories

Holidays: none  

We will be centering our instruction around certain favorite nursery rhymes and stories.


September: Me and My Family

Holidays: Labor Day, Grandparent's Day

We will learn and share things about ourselves and our families.


October: Where I live

Holidays: Halloween, Fire Prevention Month

We will discuss where we live (community, state, country, earth).


November: On the farm

Holidays: Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving

We will discuss life on the farm and how the seasons change things.


December: Christmas around the world

Holidays: Christmas

We will learn how different cultures celebrate Christmas.


January: Time to play

Holidays: MLK

We will discuss time and money, and how we use that to buy things that we need/want.


February: Let's find out

Black History Month

Holidays: Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day

We will begin to measure and graph things that we are learning about.


March: When I grow up

Women's History Month

Holidays: Read Across America, St. Patrick's Day

We will discuss things that we might be when we grow up.


April: Animals

Holidays: Earth Day

We will discuss animals and places that they live.


May: Here we go

Holidays: May Day, Mother's Day

We will discuss places we can go and ways we can travel there.