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Classroom Rules




WBT is an excellent classroom management tool with learning approaches that tap into the way your brain learns best.  The different 'tools' used keep all students actively engaged in learning by keeping them 'on their toes' and anticipating what's next.  The idea of usingWBT, for me, was to create a fun and positive learning environment that was stress-free and centered around my students.  That happens to be the concept behind WBT!


Five Classroom Rules


If you are like the majority of classroom teacher's out there, you usually have your classroom rules posted on a wall somewhere in your classroom.  You either go over them the first week of school or create them with your kiddos the first week of school, but then rarely refer to them for the rest of the year.  WBT's concept is to recite these rules daily so that they are constantly running your student's brains, making them more effective.  

How it works in my classroom:

I start each and every morning {even if I have a sub} with our rules.  

On Monday's I recite them.  Every other day I select a "friend" {I use this term to refer to my sweet little kinders} who has shown great behavior {follows the rules} to recite them.  Since everyone wants to be the rule person for the day, they all are eager to follow the rules!!  I use several other whole brain techniques to recite them.  This is how it sounds:


Student: "mirror"   student holds up hand.

Class: "mirror" - students raise hand {like giving an oath} 

Student: "Rule 1" - holds up one finger

Class: "Rule 1"

Student: "Follow directions quickly" Makes a swimming fish with hand motions

Class: repeats and makes hand motion

Student: "Rule 2" - holds up two fingers

Class: "Rule 2" - holds up two fingers

Student: "Raise your hand for permission to speak" - raise hand and then bring it down to make a talking mouth with hand.  

Class: repeats

Student: "Rule 3" - holds up three fingers 

"Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat" - raise hand and bring it back down; using 2 fingers in walking motion

Student: "Rule 4" -holds up four fingers

"Make smart choices" -taps head as repeats

Student: "Rule 5" - holds up five fingers

"Keep Your Dear Teacher Happyt" Make smiley face and point to smile


To keep this part more interesting for them, we sometimes use silly voices when reciting our rules. :)

Get 2 Months for $5!