Mrs. Cheek’s Classroom

Time                                                 Activity

8:05-8:25                                        Attendance, Morning Routines, Developmental Centers

                                                        Student will work on developmentally appropriate activities.

8:30-9:00                                        Intervention Time/Calendar

                                                        Teachers will work with students on his/her identified weaknesses/strengths
                                                        Our calendar time routine helps in the development of students’ number sense, flexibility, and                                                                   fluency, which will support students’ performances on any mathematical task.

9:00-10:00                                     Math Workshop

                                                       The teacher will provide math lessons to the whole group. Students will then practice these particular                                                        skills with a partner and again individually. New skills are introduced during this period.

                                                       Math Journal

                                                       Students will solve math word problems in their math journals. These word problems are given                                                                  spirally, so previously taught skills can be reinforced.

                                                       Math Stations

                                                       Students work individually or with a partner to complete math tasks. These tasks are generally review                                                        tasks. They are highly engaging, so the students LOVE THEM! The teacher will be providing individual                                                          instruction or small group instruction.

10:00-10:30                                 Team 2 Recess

10:30-11:35                                 Reading Workshop

                                                      The teacher will provide reading lessons that guide the students as they make meaning of the books                                                         they listen to and books they read on their own.

                                                      Shared Reading

                                                     This is an interactive reading activity where students join in or share the reading of a poem, book, or                                                          other text.

                                                     Writer’s Workshop

                                                     The teacher will provide writing lessons that will guide the students as they make meaning in their                                                              illustrations and writing composition.

                                                     Guided Reading & Literacy Stations

                                                     This is a chance for the teacher to pull small reading groups and to provide reading instruction at                                                               each student’s individual ability. The students not meeting with the teacher will be practicing literacy                                                         skills individually or with a partner.

11:40-12:10                                Lunch

12:20-12:55 .                             Quiet Time & Assessments, Snack

12:55-1:10                                 Content Area Studies

                                                    Students will learn science and social studies content during this time. NOTE: Often times the texts                                                             selected during reader’s workshop will support the content being discussed during our content area                                                         studies.

1:15-2:00                                  Specials

                                                  Students will attend special classes on a rotating basis (Library, Computer Lab, P.E., Art, and Music). This                                                   is a great time to call the teacher if needed.

2:00-2:30                                 Read Aloud & Prepare for Dismissal

2:30                                          Dismissal


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb