8th Grade Earth Science with Mrs. Hildebrandt

Good Afternoon,

I would like to thank everyone for assisting their student in studying for the Science Mid-term, results this year were the best I have ever seen.  Students are considered "masters" of a curriculum if they score 75% or higher on a high stakes test like the mid-term.  This year my students scored an average master level of 85%, meaning that 85% of the students with whom I work scored 75% or better on the 8th Grade Science Mid-Term.  That historically is not easy to do.  The rigor of that test is higher than any Science test they have faced in their school experience thus far.  I have one hour where 96% of the class scored 75% or higher on the mid-term, this is a first in South Lyon School's history to have a class do that well. Laughing I cannot tell you how thrilled and proud I am of the dedication and hard work exhibited by my students during mid-terms.  I feel that hard work and success need to be celebrated and that's just what we did. This week we took the time to celebrate our success with an ice cream celebration. Thank you to all that sent in toppings so that students could customize their ice cream.

Now it is time to move into the second semester and our next unit.  Our 4th unit of the year is Geologic Time where we take a scientific look at the theories behind Earth's Histroy.  As I mentioned in class, my role here is to present the scientific theories and then students are then able to make their own conclusions.  Not to disprove or challenge anyone's beliefs.  Currently we have been studing fossils, fossil records and the job of the paleontologist.  Next we will be taking a close look at Earth's vast history and the principles behind these theories and the methods used to gather, organize and make sense of the evidence found.

I have been asked by several students about emptying their binders.  My suggestion is that students remove 1st semester items from their binders, but not destroy anything.  The final exam does have questions on information that was covered in the 1st semester so hanging on to these papers will be helpful. 


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