1. SPECIALS:  Lunch 12:30-1:00

                      Gym:  Tuesday and Wednesday (please be sure your child has tennis shoes) 


  1. HEALTHY SNACK:  Due to the fact we eat later, your child is allowed and encouraged to bring a healthy snack.  This would be fruit, vegetables, crackers, snack bars, etc.  Please try to avoid a snack that requires a spoon/fork, unless you send one with your child.
  1. CONFERENCES:  If you would like to speak with me regarding your child, please call the office and leave a message.  You may also write a note or e-mail and I will contact you as soon as possible.  My goal is to respond to all notes and messages within 48 hours.  (e-mail address:; phone number:  452-3977)
  1. BIRTHDAYS:  You are more than welcome to send/bring treats for your child’s birthday.  Please contact me at least one day ahead of time to schedule a time for this.  If you decide to have a party outside of school, and want your child to pass out invitations here at school, please send to all the boys, all the girls, or the entire class.  I will not pass out invitations to only a few students.  This avoids hurt feelings here at school! J
  1. BEHAVIOR PLAN:  I use the “card system” which is similar to many other classrooms.  Students will “flip” cards as inappropriate behavior occurs.  In your child’s take-home folder will be an explanation of the colors, and a calendar which will be colored in daily by your child.  In my experience some children often know who else in the classroom had to flip a card, but “forget” what color they were on. J  Hopefully this will avoid any confusion, and we can work together between the school and home.  The calendar will start in September. 
  1. MARBLE JAR:  This is a classroom behavioral plan.  When the entire class receives a compliment, I will put in a handful of marbles into a jar.  When the jar fills up, the students get to vote on what kind of party they would like to have.  I will send home a note letting you know what kind of party it will be so your child will be prepared. 
  1. COMMUNICATION:  A newsletter will be sent home every Friday on colored paper.  This will contain the spelling list, upcoming events, and areas of study.  This is the primary way to keep you aware of classroom happenings, so please look for that each Friday. 
  1. Please note the changes on the school supply list:

Additions: ½-1 inch three-ring binder; small pencil box

Deletions: scissors, dry erase markers