Class Syllabus




  • 2 single subject spiral notebooks, 60-100 pages, college ruled

(Only one will be needed to start the year, the other will be needed later in the year for history. A 3rd spiral  will be needed if you have Mrs. Claassen for one quarter of history exploratory class.)

  • clear tape (or glue stick)  Please replace as needed throughout the year.
  • pencils (sharpened)
  • notebook paper, college ruled
  • colored pencils
  • black/blue pen
  • red pen
  • 2 boxes of tissues to donate to the class

We will ALL appreciate this come cold season!


Units of Study

            The following units will be completed in history this school year:

Medieval Europe

  • Legacy of the Roman Empire    What was Rome, and why does it matter to us?
  • Feudalism    Kings, nobles, knights & serfs (Nope, not as in “surfs up!” J) 
  • Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe     What are the basics of this religion?  What did Medieval Christians believe?
  • Life in Medieval Towns    Where did they live?  What did they eat?  What did doctors do to cure you from illness?  What happened if you broke the law?  (Watch out… gross topics to come!)
  • Byzantine Empire   … an awesome, super rich, empire you probably haven’t heard of yet…


Medieval Islam

                ·Origins of Islam     Where, how and why did Islam start?         

                ·Islam     What are the basics of this religion?  What do Muslims believe?  

Crusades  The whole school year has been leading up to this moment…
The Crusades were WARS = Christian Lands vs. Islamic Lands
CBA – State assessment writing about the 1st Crusade: Causes of Conflict
End of Feudalism in Europe
            The Magna Carta   (Magna WHAT?)
            The Bubonic Plague   (Will you survive the classroom activity?)
            The Hundred Years’ War   (Yup, it really lasted that long!)



            If time allows in the school year, we will then enjoy one of the following topics:
Japan during Medieval Times                                  Culture and Kingdoms of West Africa 
Aztec, Inca and Mayan Civilizations             Imperial China

Europe’s Renaissance and Reformation      The Age of Exploration and the Enlightenment




History Exploratory – 1 quarter of the school year.

            Many students in pod D will rotate between 3-4 different exploratory classes during the course of the school year in addition to regular core classes.  These students will receive one quarter of History exploratory during which students will focus on current events and geography skills.  


History Course Objectives

  • Students will gain an awareness and beginning understanding of the Medieval World.
  • Students will gain the use of vocabulary involved in the study of civilizations.
  • Students will recognize and connect the achievements of the earlier civilizations with their impact on our modern world.
  • Students will learn and practice reading for information, note taking, as well as  organization and study techniques.


Extra Help

I am willing to help you after school on most days!  J  We can make this a successful year together!  If you have questions about the material we are covering, please ask as soon as you realize you don’t understand.  Don’t wait until the moment the assignment is due to ask your question.  Look ahead, and plan ahead whenever possible!


Classroom Expectations

You may lose points if you choose not to follow the classroom expectations.

  • Be in your seat with all materials BEFORE the hall pass time is over.
  • Participate in the class discussions and activities.
  • Be prepared: Bring all required materials to class every day!

(paper, pencil, planner, history spiral notebook, homework)

  • Respect each other as well as belongings.
  • Cheating will not be accepted.  If you are caught cheating, you will earn an automatic zero on the assignment. 
  • Any behaviors that disrupt the learning process are not permitted.  If you cause a problem in class, you will be asked to solve it with the help of Mrs. Claassen.
  • Gum is a privilege.  Gum should not be seen or heard, or the privilege could be lost.



Daily attendance is important in order to keep up with the course material.  We will frequently be learning history through hands-on activities that are difficult to make-up later.  Please try not to miss school unless you are sick.  You are an important part of our classroom, and we miss you when you are not here!  If you do miss school, or part of the class, it is YOUR responsibility to make-up any notes, reading, or work you missed.  An absent note will be available to you that outlines what activities and assignments we completed that day.  Please pick-up your absent note in the classroom when you return from your absence, and ask questions as needed.



            We do not have enough textbooks for every student to have his or her own.  Therefore, a set of textbooks will be used in the classroom and NOT REMOVED.  If you are absent on a day that we use a textbook in class, you may borrow a copy of the chapter through Mrs. Claassen.  Please return the chapter when you are finished so other students may use it as well.  Online codes to access the textbook online will also be available to students. 



            Each student receives 6 passes in history class each quarter.  Three of these passes may be used to go to your locker, or will be required to be used if you are tardy to class (and yes, the tardy still “counts” on your official school record).  The other three passes can be used to go to the restroom during class time.  Passes can also be used to make phone calls during class time. 

            Students who need to use the restroom and do not have a pass will not be denied the right to do so.  If you do not have a pass to use, another small consequence may be implemented.



            You have been given a planner in which you are required to keep track of your assignments and class work.  Bring your planner to class every day.  We will fill-out our planner together daily during class.  Your planner may be checked at any time to receive a grade based on your ability to keep your planner up-to-date.


How do I LEARN a TON and earn an awesome

grade in history class this year?


Homework  (Homework and Daily Work control 50% of your grade!)

  • Homework is due at the beginning  of class.  You will be told to either turn it in, or have it ready on your desk to be checked.  If your assignment is not ready at this time, it is late.  Late assignments that were already checked during class as attempt points (AP) will earn one point to keep record that the assignment was eventually completed.  All other late assignments turned in after the due date will earn 75% of the total earned points.  You do not have the entire quarter (grading period) to turn in late work.  If an assignment is marked missing on a progress report, you have until the next progress report to fix your grade or your grade will remain a permanent zero.  (And Mrs. Claassen will probably still make you do the work anyway, so you might as well get the points, right?)
  • Homework should not take more than 20-30 minutes a night if you were using your class time wisely.  Some nights you won’t have any homework at all! 
  • If you are absent, please see the absent note the day you return to find out what you missed.  You are expected to make-up all work and notes.  You have 2 days for every day you missed to make up your absent work. (example: absent 2 days = 4 school days to make up the work for full credit)  Do not plan to copy notes from a friend.  Do your own reading and notes.  If you have questions after you have completed your reading and notes, you can then ask to see Mrs. Claassen’s notes to make sure your notes are complete!  J


Tests and Quizzes  (Tests and Quizzes control 25% of your grade.)

            If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, it is YOUR responsibility to schedule a time to make it up outside of class time within one week of the original testing date.  If you do not make up the quiz or test in a timely manner, you will earn a zero on that assessment.  This time limit is used so that other students can get their tests returned in a timely manner.

            In addition, you will complete a CBA (Classroom Based Assessment) during second semester for your state assessment.


History Notebook  (The notebook controls  20% of your history grade.)

            You are required to have a single subject spiral notebook for use in History.  This notebook will contain nearly all of the work we do each unit.  A complete notebook will be very helpful in studying for tests and quizzes!

            Your history notebook will be graded occasionally throughout each unit of study.  Collection dates will be announced in advance.  Notebooks will be graded for completeness and work quality.  Make sure your notebook is up-to-date, and present in class every day!

            You can earn full notebook points on all correctly completed assignments even if you had not completed the daily assignment for the original due date.  Make sure you also complete absent work or notes before your notebook is graded.  It is never too late to finish your work for a notebook check!  Your notebook is a large part of your grade, and every completed assignment helps!

            Notebooks will be graded in a variety of ways. Sometimes they will be collected by Mrs. Claassen.  Sometimes pages will be checked during class.  Sometimes you will have notebook tests in which a completed notebook will tell you all of the correct answers!


Progress Reports (Signed and returned progress reports control 5% of your history grade.)

            Progress reports will be sent home on the dates below.  Progress reports must be signed by a parent or guardian as part of your grade.  Progress reports are sent home on a Tuesday, and must be returned by Thursday of the same week for full points.  Please make Mrs. Claassen aware of any concerns you might have about getting progress reports signed.  Progress reports are not meant to be scary – they are simply a reminder list to help you get all work done and have no surprise grades on your report card!  PLUS, you get easy points for returning the progress report.  (5% of your grade for turning in progress reports can be the difference between a B+ and an A-!)


1st Quarter                            2nd Quarter                            3rd Quarter                            4th Quarter

September 17th                     November 19th                      January 28th                          April 15th

October 1                               December 3                          February 11th                                    April 29th

October 15th                          December 17th                      February 25th                                    May 13th

October 29th                          January 14th                          March 11th                             May 27th

                                                                                                March 25th



Current grades can also be viewed through parent access on Skyward.  On-line grades are a work in-progress.  Please allow time for assignments to be graded before expecting them to be posted.




            All graded student work will fit into one of the following categories:


            Daily work and Homework             50%

            History Notebook                             20%

            Tests and Quizzes                           25%

            Progress Reports                               5%

                                                                        100% of History Grade



Student behavior CAN be graded as part of daily work.


Behavior includes: class participation, being prepared for class, completing homework, being on time to class, using polite behaviors and attitude as well as following classroom procedures.


            I am looking forward to a wonderful year!  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and ask for help.  I am very willing to work with you after school to keep your grades up, or get caught up.  Welcome to 7th grade! 


Mrs. Melissa Claassen                                           

Chief Moses Middle School                                              

766-2661 x2103                                                      



Daily work and assignments can be viewed at:

Check  it out!


(Websites in the Moses Lake School District are currently under construction. This website address may change as the year goes on.  I will keep you informed of any changes!  My website address will always be included on any progress report information as well.)