Third Grade Math

     Third Grade Mathematics


This year our class is using the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics textbook. The emphasis is on standards-based content. Developed to meet the goals and objectives of the California Mathematics Content Standards, our curriculum prepares students for the math challenges of tomorrow.  Just like in reading, now that students have developed some proficiency in basic math skills, we now start to apply those skills. Students become better problem solvers as they learn to apply their reading skills and the process of reasoning to solve problems.

Third Grade Math Contents

Chapter 1:  Place Value

Chapter 2:  Money and Time

Chapter 3:  Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 4:  Measurement

Chapter 5:  Multiplication Concepts

Chapter 6:  Multiplication Facts

Chapter 7:  Geometry and Measurement

Chapter 8:  Division Concepts

Chapter 9:  Division Facts

Chapter 10:  Data and Probability

Chapter 11:  Fractions and Decimals

Chapter 12:  Multiplying and Dividing

Math Websites
Do you want some extra Math Practice?  Click on the links below!
 Addition and Subtraction
Addition Matho

Addition Machine

Number Monster


Subtraction Machine

Math Baseball

Multiplication and Division

Math Magician

Quick Flash

Number Invaders

That's a Fact

Grand Slam Math


Fact Fluency Practice (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division):


Place Value:







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    Practice and lessons for third grade topics.




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