Accelerated Reader/ ZPD Information



Accelerated Reader (AR) is reading management software. Accelerated Reader helps you focus attention on careful reading of books, which improves scholars’ critical-thinking skills and builds an intrinsic love of reading.


How it works:

Simply put: Read a book.  Take a quiz.  Read another book.

Each AR book is assigned a ZPD and points for difficulty.  The higher the reading level the more points value the book.  The lower the ZPD the lower the points value per book.  For example if a scholar’s ZPD is say 2.5-4.6 the books they books in this range will be smaller and have less value in points requiring the scholar to read more books.  If a scholar’s ZPD is 5.5-7.8 the reading skill level is higher and the books will be more challenging, denser, and take longer to complete, hence the higher points value as said scholar will most likely read less in quantity of books than the scholar with a lower ZPD.

To determine your scholar’s ZPD they will be tested using AR’s STAR program. A report will come home sharing their result with you.

Scholars should be reading each evening and recording their reading on the Reading Log. This is a Home Education requirement built into our class. Once the AR book is complete the student can take the quiz, in the library or in the classroom.  Once the scholar has successfully completed the quiz, they can move onto the next AR book.

Book Finder - find titles that fall within your scholar's ZPD