In third grade, we cover a variety of science topics. The students explore science topics through hands-on and inquiry based learning.  Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies are integrated at points throughout each comprehensive unit.   
The following units are covered in second grade:

Physical Sciences

Force and Motion (Balls and Ramps)



States of Matter

What is Matter?


Life Sciences

Life Cycles

Soil Science

The following units are covered in third grade:

Physical Sciences


Energy Story

What is Energy?

Scientific Forms of Energy

Energy Activites

Energy Kids Page

Get Energy Wise!


Properties of Light Worksheet


States of Matter

What is Matter?


Life Sciences

Living in Different Environments

Temperate Oceans

Rainforest at Night

The Ocean Biome

The Tundra Biome

What's it Like Where You Live? -  Habitats

Biomes and Habitats

Animal Adaptations

Endangered Animals

Endangered Animal Fact Sheets

Living Things in a World of Change

Growing Plants Indoors

Get the Dirt on Soil

Plant Print-outs

Why do leaves change in the fall?

  Earth Sciences  

Objects in Space

Windows to the Universe

NASA Website

Earth and Moon Viewer


Astronomy for Kids

The Moon

Kids' Questions About the Moon

Solar System Coloring Book

How a telescope works

 Patterns in the Sky

Moon Calendar

Virtual Phases of the Moon

What will the moon look like tonight?

Moon Phases Gizmo

Examine Phases of the Moon

The Moon

Slide Shows

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