Parents Corner

Coming up next week:           

Pilgrims & the First Thankgiving                                                                                                                    Xx sound for phonics (“ks” in fox)                                                                                                                    Since we only have two school days there will be no Show & Tell 

We’ve had such fun learning about Native American Indians this week and I hope you have enjoyed the crafts they’ve worked so hard on.  We’ve certainly had a fun and busy week! I was surprised but over half of the children liked the beef jerky we sampled after learning about Indian foods and hunting.  We also learned about different types of Indian homes, clothing, transportation, stories/symbols and how Squanto was a friend to the Pilgrims.  No doubt you heard about the amazing totem poles that we created this week and have displayed outside our classroom. I will send each child’s totem box home next week and as soon as I have time to upload the photos will send you the link.  They really did a great job!                                                                                                                                                    Don’t forget that Tuesday is our “Thanksgiving Feast” at Ryan’s Buffet. Please meet at school at 11:30 to leave for the restaurant.  (If other adults are coming in separate vehicles they can meet us at Ryan’s at 11:45.)  Each family will pay as they enter and we will be seated in the back in a separate area.  This is a special day for the children to have their parents and friends at a restaurant so thank you for participating.                                                                                                                                           Please note: Kindergarten children will be dismissed following lunch Tuesday but the elementary grades have a full day as usual.                                                                                                           Reminders:

  • Library books are due on Tuesday
  • Please send in an empty Pringles style canister for an upcoming craft
 Thanks so much to Mrs. P and Mrs. G for coming in to help with our totem poles on Tuesday!!   Have a great weekend-Mrs. Collins