Two sites to check your reading speed and comprehension!

How fast ... or SLOWLY ... do you read?

It's that slow reading speed that makes it nearly impossible for you to stay current with all that you should be reading daily. Well, with a little practice and some reliable power-reading techniques, you can finally break your reading overload. 

Discover your actual reading speed and understanding ... right now - online

Here you can test your reading speed and comprehension as well as take a 6 minute "training session" and see if your speed and comprehension improve!

Do these look familiar?

Reading is no fun at all


Reading is boring


Reading is tiresome


Reading hurts my eyes


Reading takes too much time


I forget what I have read


I would far rather watch a movie

How many of these reading irritations do you recognize in your current reading?
Regression - Re-reading the same information a second or even a third time

Sub-vocalisation - The sound of your voice in your mind as you read 

Low concentration - Low concentration and the mind wanders while you read

Word by word - Focusing on one word at a time, move a space to the next word

Skimming - Skipping and skimming because you are running out of reading time

Word reversal - Reading the words in the wrong sequence

Poor memory - Quickly forgetting information that you have read

This is another site to check your reading speed and comprehension.