SAFMEDS is a researched method of studying for content courses that involves organizing material into learnable units and creating study cards
(Graf, 1994; & Graf & Lindsley, 2002). Students benefit from SAFMEDS through active and frequent studying, which allows the development of fluency— or recall of facts at a rapid pace-over material before entering an exam. This method compliments "Attack the Text" as it reinforces key concepts acquired through text reading.

What does SAFMEDS mean?

S — say — the learner should say the responses out loud. Not "think" the responses silently.
A — all — one works with the entire deck of cards as a unit.
F — fast — in the timed sessions, work through the cards as quickly as possible. Not slowly like flashcards.
M — minute — the brief, timed sessions are just that, brief! Either a minute, a half-minute, quarter minute, etc.
E — every — working with every card in a unit so the unit can become a whole.
D — day — do the brief, timed sessions every day, at least once a day.
S — shuffle — shuffle the cards before doing a timing.

The critical element of this method is that learning and studying are broken down into brief but intense
periods. Such activities not only produce greater learning and true mastery of concepts, but also prevent the
burnout associated with typical "cram" sessions.