Online color sensitivity activity


 Men are more likely to have color vision defects than women. One out of every 12 males has some form of color deficiency, but only one out of every 255 females is affected. A color vision defect doesn’t mean you’re  color blind. There are varying degrees of color
blindness, and some people may not be color blind at all. They simply have a tougher time distinguishing various hues than someone with sharper color acuity.

 How does your color vision compare? Compare your color vision to thousands of others who’ve taken the Farnsworth-Munsell
100 Hue Test. The new on-line FM 100 hue test results database lets you compare your color vision to a larger community of color
evaluators who’ve taken the Farnsworth- Munsell 100 Hue Test. All you need is an Internet connection.