Benjamin Franlin

Franklin's Inventions



•Invented in 1784, as an answer to Franklin’s failing eye sight.
•This invention allowed him to see both near and far with only one pair of glasses!

Franklin Stove

•In colonial America, homes were warmed by burning (a lot) wood in a fireplace.       DANGEROUS!
•Franklin invented an iron furnace stove that used less wood and warmed homes more effectively and safely.


  • As postmaster, Franklin was in charge of figuring out routes for delivering mail.
  • He invented the odometer as a way to measure and keep track of the distance.


  • Invented in 1761, after being inspired by a concert he attended given on wine glasses.
  • Instant Success!
  • Famous compers that wrote with it included Mozart & Beetholven.
  • Lost its popularity by Mid-1800s.
  • Play HERE!