"FISH" folders

Your child will be given a "FISH" folder and book bag. Please read about the information about them. 

The FISH folder will come home everyday in your child's FISH book bag. Please take care of the bag and return it to school everyday. The bag is for school items only, such as the FISH folder and library book. Do not allow your child to put toys or any other items in the bag. This is the only bag your child will need. Do not send a backpack! Please review all rules with your child so they understand them and learn to be responsible for their own things.

FISH Rules:

~Take good care of your FISH, it will be used all year!

~Parents should clean out the "Take home" pocket every night.

~Take your FISH folder and bag home everyday and bring it back each morning.

~Keep your FISH clean: do not eat or drink in around your FISH!

~Check the “Return to school” pocket every night. Be sure to sign the behavior report for the day and any other papers that may be in the pocket.

FISH Don'ts:

~Don't make any marks or drawings in or on your FISH. (This includes your bag, too!)

~Don't leave your FISH at home or in the car.

~Don't let anyone borrow your FISH or tear pages out of your FISH. It is yours and you should take good care of it!

~Don't put any papers in your FISH that do not belong.

~Don't take any papers out of your FISH that are to stay in it.


The front inside pocket of the folder is the “Return to school” pocket. The behavior report will stay in this pocket all year and will list any important events for the month. It will also give a daily report of your child's behavior at school. The report needs to be signed or initialed EVERY night. If there are any other papers that need to be signed and returned to school, they will be in this pocket also.

The clear zippered pouch is the money pouch. Lunch money, school fee money, and any other money will be sent to school in this pouch. Please DO NOT put money in the pockets of the folder, your child's backpack, or let your child carry it in their pockets. Please put the money in an envelope with the purpose written on it. Please do not put anything other than money in the pouch!

The back pocket will be the “Leave at home” pocket. This will contain any work your child has done at school as well as any newsletters or school information. Please clean out this pocket every night and review the papers! This will help you stay updated on your child's progress at school.

The Parent/Teacher Communication will be at the back of the folder. If you need to send a note to me , write it in this section and date it. Do not remove it. This paper will stay in the folder all year long. I will check it every morning so I do not miss any notes. I will add a new sheet when the current one is full. (NOTE: Please do not put absentee excuse notes here. They need to be put in the folder on a seperate piece of paper since they have to go in the attendance folder.)