Spelling Lists

 Current Spelling Lists can be found at the bottom of this page.Spelling Words

Every other Monday or Tuesday (if I'm absent on a Monday) your child will be given a new spelling list.  Each list consists of ten words they are expected to know by the Friday test two weeks later.  Yes , your child will have one list for 2 weeks.  Research shows that students remember memorized words better if given more practice and time to work with the words.  We will have several activities in class that focus on using their spelling words.  Every other Friday a test will be given on their ten words as well as 3 transfer words.  Transfer words are words they have not studied, but have the same pattern. They will also learn 5 new word wall words, which will be on the test.


There are four spelling groups in my class.  At the beginning of the year, students were given three tests to determine which list they would study.  These lists focus on specific spelling patterns that your child struggles with and will learn during the year.  Please work with your child in learning the new words each night.  Ask your child which group they are in...they should know!

Spelling List for May 11 - 22:

Group 1 - aid, bay, day, eight, beef, aim, gray, reign, beep, bait

Group 2 -bounce, chance, gem, dance, gel, juice, germ, lace, gist, prance

Group 3 -bound, brown, couch, crouch, crowd, crown, grouch, drown, hound, gown

Group 4 - brake, pair, break, pear, scent, stake, cent, pale, pail, steak