Guided Reading

Guided reading consists of small group instruction on specific reading skills.  Our intervention specialist, Miss Bliss, assists during this time.  Students are placed into needs-based groups and given a book to read with myself or Miss Bliss.  Each week, we alternate which groups and students we work with depending on specific student needs.  



We recently started learning about literature circles and how to useteacher1
them in our classroom.  Miss Bliss is helping us with our literature circles each day.  Here's what we do  each week:


Monday - predict and silently read our new text

Tuesday - read with the text with Miss Bliss or Mrs. Cook/complete lit. circle sheet

Wednesday - meet with our lit circle and discuss the book

Thursday - share our book with the class by making artistic posters.
We also take a book quiz on this day.


Our Literature Circle books currently are: Amber Brown, Magic Tree House, Cam Jansen, Fudge-A-Mania.  Ask your child what book they are reading.