Behavior Program

I use a point system for discipline in my classroom.  A student will usually get 5 points for each broken rule.  When a student reaches 40 points a colored warning slip will be stapled to the homework sheet.  Points for each day will be noted on the homework sheet as well.  At 50 points I will turn in  a referral to Mr. Linson, who will issue an appropriate consequence.  This does not mean that you will always be notified before your child is sent to the office.  Some situations require instant removal from the classroom.  It is important to realize that discipline points can be given for problems such as not having a pencil to disrupting the class.  

 There is some flexibility in this system which gives me the opportunity to work with an individual student, to achieve proper behavior before referring to Mr. Linson, but not to enable that student.  I strongly emphasize students becoming responsible, organized, and independent.  Positive behavior will be rewarded throughout the year. 


Consequence Levels:

10 points on any given day = miss 1/2 of recess

40 points at any time = warning slip sent home

50 points at any time = referral to Mr. Linson

The following rules/expectations broken = 5 points:

Not ready for class; No supplies for class activity; Talking while the teacher/student is talking; not following directions; out of seat without permission; messy work area; disturbing others; not paying attention; not getting along with others; no homework; wasting time; using another's property without permission; being disrespectful; inappropriate behavior; homework sheet not signed (2 points).