Helping Your Child

 Helping your child this summer

 Many parents ask me at the end of every year, "how can I help my child not lose what they've learned this year?"  One way I am trying to solve this problem is by offering a summer reading program.  Mrs. Fairbanks (1st grade teacher) designed this program and shared it with me.  Here's how it works:

1.  Fill out the sign up sheet that was sent home or send me a note.  

2.  Send in 4 - 9 x 12 sized envelopes with 3 stamps on each


I will then meet with your child and have them select books (at their level) they would like to read this summer.  Every three weeks I will send them 3 new books in the mail (every three weeks) along with activities to do with each book.  They are to read one book per week.  This will hopefully get kids excited about reading during the summer.


Another suggestion for helping your child this summer would be to practice multiplication flash cards.  They will need to know their facts in third grade, so why not get an early start?