Extra Reminders for this week Smile

Your child should bring home their Spelling List on Monday.  On Tuesday they have Spelling Homework that is due back to school the next day.  If the spelling work is more difficult I will give them more time.  The due date of homework is indicated on their nightly assignment sheet.

What's going on this Week and the following week after that!

Math? In math we are working on exploring fractions. We are practicing dividing into equal parts. Because of the difficulty of learning fractions, there will be quizzes throughout the unit.  

Writing? In writing we will continue Writers Workshop.  In writing we will also be working on writing biographies. We will begin by immersing in and writing characteristics of biographies. Each student will choose one president to research and write a biography about him. We will then create a powerpoint to share our writing. Organization is our main focus these next two weeks. 

 Social Studies? In Social Studies we will study about goods and services. We are learning what an income is and how we use our income in our community.  

Reading? We are continuing with our Daily 5 stations.  We will be reading the Pine Park Mystery. Please watch for your child to bring home their reading book on Thursday to read the story with you. We will continue to work on all of our key strategies. We are still focusing on our predicting, retelling, questioning, and summarizing. Our main focus in the next two weeks will be on Questioning. 

 Spelling? We will be working on prefix and suffix for the next two weeks. The test is on Friday.  Please remember to study the correct list as well as the commonly misspelled words! Check the assignment sheet to see when the homework is due back. 




Notes to remember

·          Thank you to all of our parent volunteers. Please remember Friday is a day for parents to read aloud to 2C!

·          Thank you for working with your child and completing those difficult Homelinks!

·          Next Friday we will begin our All About Me bags.  Please bring something that can fit into a bag!