Please check this section of the website for the homework for the week.  It will be updated daily.




Math:  Monday - -- due Tuesday

               Tuesday -   -- due Wednesday

               Wednesday -   -- due Thursday

               Thursday -   -- due Friday


Reading:  Read 20 minutes nightly

*TENMARKS DUE EVERY FRIDAY by 8:15am* --   this week

*READ THEORY QUIZZES BY FRIDAY by 8:15am* --   passing grades this week --* 

*TENMARKS and READ THEORY are part of HW. Students are given chromebook time to complete these. If they don't finish then, it must be finished at home. Any of these assignments not completed will be considered missing homework. These are written in their Binder Reminder on Monday. AMPLIFIERS AND DO OVERS ARE ASSIGNED BY THE PROGRAM IF A STUDENT RECEIVES LESS THAN 75%.  THESE ARE MANDATORY!

The district guideline for homework in third grade is 40-50 minutes.  This includes 20 minutes of reading.  What should your child do if he/she finishes homework early?  

~Practice Multiplication/Division Facts!
~Practice Cursive!
~Extra reading of his/her choice

~Magazines (my sons have subscriptions and their faces light up every time they arrive in the mail!)
~Have your child help cook the family's meal (this could be a great math lesson if you are using measuring)
~Bake cookies, brownies, or muffins with your child (again, good math lesson)
~Play good old-fashioned board games (some of my favorites as a kid were: Clue, Uno, Yahtzee, Parcheesi)
~Have them put together a puzzle
~Turn off the electronics and have them create something with their imagination.

**Homework is meant to reinforce the skills taught in class that day/week.  It's good for them to practice the skills at home, as well as for you to see how well your child is understanding the concepts.  However, it's the memories made with family members that will last a lifetime!  :)