Supplies to Donate

Supply Donation List

**The following donations would be greatly appreciated**

~Glue Sticks ~ we go through these quickly

~White Printer Paper


~Composition Books (100 pg) ~ 1 per student

~Spiral Notebooks (70 sheet) ~ 1 per student


~Black Fine Line (THIN) Markers (Monart Pens)

~ Paper Mate/Sharpie Gray sharpies

~Folders (2 pocket) ~ 5 per student – I have provided one folder for Priorities. The others will be for Math, Writing, Science/Social Studies, Reading/Grammar, and Go Home.

~Colored Markers ~ Most work will be colored using crayons or colored pencils. Occasionally students may use markers. Twistables are fine to use.

~ Tissue

~White Board Erasers (students may use a small rag/sock)

~Unscented Baby Wipes

~Accordian Folder (at least 7 pocket) ~ 1 per student

~Prizes for Our Ticket Prize Boxes


*Students have been provided with the following items:

~pencil     ~red pen     ~black monart pen     ~black white board marker     ~glue stick     ~eraser      ~crayons

*Extra supplies (rulers/scissors/erasers/highlighters/etc.) are put into the group crates for all students to share.*

*Any supplies the students bring from home for their own use will be put into the group cubbies. These supplies can be put into a supply container labeled with your child’s name, or I will provide a large baggie with his/her name.*