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About Mrs. Cooper

     My name is Jan Cooper and I have been with the Saugus Union School District  for over eighteen years.  I started out as a substitute teacher, then taught  G.A.T.E students, 3 – 6th grade and then became a full time classroom teacher.
   I enjoy teaching and love being with the children.  I believe that learning can be fun and every day I am excited toe the students enjoy learning as well.  

     I feel strongly about the importance of parent-teacher communication.  We are working together, as a team, for the benefit of your child.  Our mutual goal
is to enhance your child’s learning experience.  The best way to reach me is through Class Dojo.  My email address is  I check email before school and after school before I leave for the day.  

     I believe that students achieve greater success through positive reinforcement.  Students earn verbal praise, high fives and also “Terrific Tickets”.  As a class, when they exhibit scholarly behavior, they earn “Scholar Rocks”.  I am also encouraging team building and they earn table points for working together and showing group scholarly behavior.   

     On a more personal note, I have two sons who went to school and graduated from SUSD. I tell you this because I want you to know that I understand what it is to be a parent.  I have been in the position where a child will come to me at 9:00 at night and tell me that something is due the next day (something that requires me to get into the car and drive all over town trying to find).
 I have been to the baseball games that go on FOREVER and my child is too tired for homework and tired the next day.  I have seen a child struggle with his handwriting and finally, after tears and practice, receive an award for improved penmanship.  I have sworn that I will NOT help the child who put off and put off (after repeated reminders and much much nagging) his State Report research and writing and then found myself typing it up at midnight so that he would get a decent grade.  So, I have been there and I can put on my parent
hat for you because I know how much you love your child and you wonder if I see the beauty and specialness that makes your child who they are.  Trust me  I do. 

 I am excited about working with your children and being part of their learning progress.


Jan Cooper


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