Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your behavior system?
  2. How will I know what color my child ends on for the day?
  3. What will the homework be like?
  4. What are Priorities?
  5. What are the Tickets?
  6. What is the Bingo Chart?
  7. How can Homework Passes be used?
  8. Can textbooks be brought home?
  9. Can students take Library books home?


What is your behavior system?

Our behavior chart consists of 7 colors.  All students will begin on green each day.
This means they are coming to school 'ready to learn.'  Students can move up to the following 
colors:  blue -- 'great day', purple -- 'role model', and pink -- 'super student.'  Students
are moved up when they exhibit excellent character, show scholarly thinking, and consistently 
show they are following school and classroom rules.

If students are not following the rules, they will be moved down on the chart.  First move 
would be to yellow -- 'thinking about it', then orange -- 'reflecting', and finally red -- 
'parent contact.'  

*Students can move up and down throughout the day.  Once they move to a color, it doesn't mean 
that's what they will end the day on.**
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How will I know what color my child ends on for the day?

Students should come home and tell you what color they ended on.  :)

Every Friday, students will come home with a Friday Folder.  Part of this folder contains a 
monthly calendar.  Every day students will take the last few minutes of the day to color in
the color they end on that day.  You will see the whole week's behavior every Friday when
that folder comes home.
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What will the homework be like?

Students are required to read 20 minutes daily. Math will be assigned as needed to reinforce the lesson of that day and is due the next day.
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What are Priorities?

Priorities are long term class assignments that students work on when they have finished something
assigned in class.  These usually consist of Math Quilts, Math Graphs, Multiplication/Division
review sheets.  Students will be given the assignments, keep them in their Priority folder in 
their desks, and turn them in by the due date.  Students are always given several days to finish
these before the due date approaches.  Students should be able to finish these in class; however
if something is not completed by the approaching due date, it may need to be taken home to finish.
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What are the Tickets?

Students will be given tickets for showing outstanding character/scholarly behavior in class and
out on the yard.  The group with the highest number of 'points' for the week also gets tickets.
Tickets will be kept by students and they can use them to 'buy' items in our prize boxes, or 
homework passes.
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What is the Bingo Chart?

Students that end on blue, purple, or pink each day will get to put their number on our Bingo
Chart.  They get one box if on blue, two boxes if on purple, and three boxes if on pink.  When 
the chart is full, I pull slips (like Bingo) and if I choose the box that their number is in, 
they receive a homework pass.
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How can Homework Passes be used?

Spelling is a two page/four side packet.  It's assigned Monday, due Friday, so it is one page per
night.  If a student wants to use a pass on spelling it can only be used on one side.

Reading is also assigned Monday and due Friday.  Each week is different with how many pages/sides
it will be.  If a homework pass is used, it can only be for one side.

Math is assigned as needed.  Students can use a homework pass for the night's math assignment.

**Students are still responsible for knowing the concepts even if a Homework Pass is used**
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Can textbooks be brought home?

Yes!!  Students can always take a book home to help them.  I encourage this when a test is 
coming up.  
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Can students take Library books home?

Parents and students will need to sign a 'contract' when library starts in order to take these 
books home.  Students will need to take books home to read in order to take a reading counts
quiz.  I will let you know what days we will be going to library, and all books must be at 
school that day.

Books from our classroom library can also be taken home.