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Grading Policy

Assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects are given percentages.  Grades are 
determined using all of the following criteria:  percentages received on 
work, participation in class, effort, following directions, and behavior.

Excellent Achievement:  90-100%     

Above Average Achievement:   80-89%

Average Achievement:   70-79%      

Needs Improvement:   50-69%         

Unsatisfactory:   49% and below            

O -- Outstanding Effort 
G -- Good Effort 
S -- Satisfactory Effort 
N -- Effort needs to improve 
U -- Effort is unsatisfactory 

Demonstrating Strength:  Consistently receiving 90%-100%

Working Within Grade Level:  Consistently receiving 70% and above

Needs Support:  Consistently receiving below 70%
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