Year 7

Starting on Sunday 30th October, your homework for English for this half-term will be working on an independent reading project.

I will hand out the information packs in class on Sunday but below I have included the list of tasks, dates set and hand-in dates.

If you would like any help or have any questions, please come and see me, or email me! smiley


Date set.


Hand in date.

Sunday 30th October

Select a book from the reading list attached; bring it in on 3rd November.

Thursday 3rd November

Sunday 13th November

Read the first half of your book and hand in a 50 word summary that you have written yourself.

Thursday 17th November

Sunday 20th November

Read to the end of your book and hand in a 150 word book review that you have typed and printed out.

Thursday 24th November

Sunday 27th November

Prepare a two-minute speech about your book that informs and persuades others in the class to read it. You will perform this speech in class.

Thursday 1st December

Sunday 4th December

Type and print a 20 question quiz about your book, as well as the answers.

Thursday 8th December

Sunday 11th December

Using a computer, create a new and improved front cover for your book, print this off ready to hand in.

Thursday 15th December