Year 8

To my year 8 group,

I hope that you have enjoyed the work we have completed this half-term on myths and legends.  Just for your information, after the Eid break we will be starting to study a form of poetry called the ballad. I am sure that you will find ballads fun and interesting.

As for homework...starting from 1st November you will be working on an independent reading project.  I have designed this to help and encourage you to read more widely out of school.  Each week there are various tasks and activities to complete and hand in.  I will issue you with  a pack containing a reading list and more details but below is the list of hand-in dates and tasks.

As always, please ask me or email me with any questions or help that you might need.

Date set.


Hand in date.

Tuesday 1st November

Select a book from the reading list attached; bring it in on 3rd November.

Monday 7th November

Tuesday 15th November

Read the first half of your book and hand in a 75 word summary that you have written yourself.

Monday 21st November

Tuesday 22nd November

Read to the end of your book and hand in a 200 word book review that you have typed and printed out.

 Monday 28th November

Tuesday 29th November

Prepare a two-minute speech about your book that informs and persuades others in the class to read it. You will perform this speech in class.

Monday 5th December

 Tuesday 6th December

Type and print a 20 question quiz about your book, as well as the answers.

Monday 12th December

Tuesday 13th December

Using a computer, create a new and improved front cover for your book, print this off ready to hand in.

Monday 19th December