Mrs. Cornish's Second Grade

Dear Parents,     This week we will begin doing review skill sheets for the upcoming SAT.   I will stamp the review sheets with an apple so you will be able to review these pages at home as well.  I don’t want to put too much emphasis on the test as it can be stressful for many students.  However, I do explain that this test will show all the things they have learned this year and they should try to do their very best.  The SAT test will be given the week of May 9.  We are continuing to write our stories to publish.  I have many excited writers in my class.  We will also be reviewing expository writing in class.  On April 19 we will do an in class expository writing assignment.  This will give the students an opportunity to show they can complete a writing from brainstorming to finished paragraph in about 45minutes.  I will be grading this writing as well.  Continue to encourage your children to write at home adding lots of details to their writing, I want them to tell describe what they are writing about not just tell.  (The girl was spinning in a flowing, bright yellow, polka dot dress at the ball.) (The girl wore a yellow dress.) The first sentence paints a picture in the mind!  In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we will begin a unit on the rainforest along with talking about ways we can help make this beautiful planet God has given us a better place to share.In math we will focus on adding and regrouping three digit numbers.  The students will continue taking addition time test.  They have about a minute and fifteen seconds to complete the 36 problems.  My favorite event of the school year is upcoming Calypso Festival!  Our Calypso Festival Is an amazing not of fun with other FCA families.   So, bring a blanket or a lawn chair and come do the chicken dance with Mrs. Cornish!   If you are interested in helping out a shift at the festival please email me.Have a blessed week!In His Service,Marchele Cornish