Reading Project Guidlines

     A Patchwork Pin Up
 Reading Project 
Due: Monday, November 1
What You Need
Second grade level Mystery chapter book
One 18 inch by 26 inch sheet of poster board
Six 8 inch by 8 inch squares of white construction paper
A black felt tip pen
Crayons and markers in assorted colors
 What You Do
1.     Make six quilt patches by “stitching” around each piece of white construction paper with the black marker as shown in the example.
2.    Neatly print the title of the mystery book and the authors name in the first quilt patch.
3.    Draw a picture of the main character on the second quilt patch
4.    Write a paragraph about your favorite part of the story on the third quilt patch.
5.    Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story on the fourth quilt patch.
6.    Draw a picture showing where the story took place on the fifth quilt patch.
7.    Neatly print your name and the date on the sixth quilt patch.
8.    Turn these paper patches into a “quilt” by gluing them to your poster board as shown in the example.
9.    Use black marker to add extra “stitches”.
10.  Be ready to share your quilt and the mystery story you read with your class!

You will receive a grade on the presentation of this project as well as your written information. Make sure you write neatly, capitalize the proper letters, and write in complete sentences. You should practice what you are going to say several times so that you will be comfortable while presenting to the class.