Punctuation Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Punctuation Hall of Fame:
Each year the Emerald team students participate in the punctuation of the year contest. Each group must work together to help teach the class about one form of punctuation and personify that term to try to become Punctuation of the Year!

Winners for the 2011-2012 school year:
Period 1: Casey, Marissa, and Megan
Period 3: Abby, Meghan, and Marissa
Period 5: Cora, Shannon, and Lexi

Period 6: Kyle, Zach, Colton, and Brent

Period 8: Raina, Angela, and Camille
Winners for the 2010-2011 school year: 

HR: 13: Team Period: Mike and Brendan

HR: 5: Team Dash: Shane, Alec, and Noah

HR: 16: Team Semi-Colon: Marta, Taylor, and Monica

HR: 12: Team Dash: Michael, Dominic, the magical unicorn, and Ryan

HR: 14: Team Hyphen: Faith and Heather