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Check out the photos below to see what's new in Mrs. C's class: 




YSU 2013: A day of writing and fun!

PSSA Olympics: We won!

The winning door 2012: room 201

Our 2012 Volleyball team

The 2012 Style Show:

Check out more pictures on the main page slide show!
Preview of what is to come: Flat Stanley posters:
Coming to a classroom near you, Nov. 2012

Our new room!

A sneak peak at room 201...

Check out Mrs. C's new room (still in progress)

The crazy adventures of Madden and Richardson Cox: Summer 2012

Richardson will let nothing get between him and his dinner.

Napping on Mrs. C's new sofa.

Richie models some back to school fashion.

Looking back at 7th grade and ahead to 8th...



The Emerald team students each made a set of memory glasses to reflect on 7th grade and share what they are most looking forward to next year.

Basketball time!

Check out our homeroom team



Dragonvale has taken over our door!
Ancient Greeks take over HMS:
god and goddess week:




Volleyball Time!


Happy Holidays from HR 1:


We explored the Titanic:

Students had an opportunity to explore parts of the Titanic through fun games and activities to start off our research unit.

We've got style...

For the style unit, the Emerald Team put on a fashion show to practice how to restyle sentences. Check out the slide show on Mrs. C's School Fusion page for all of the pictures. Here are a few of the best...


If I had a million dollars...

Here is a picture of the million dollar paper display from our class room. You can read some of these great papers in the sample paper folder on the main page of Mrs. C's School Fusion site!




Prepositions: Treasure Maps and Giant Post-its:

We used giant post it notes as a way to help us remember what a preposition does in a sentence. We also created cool treasure maps to show how directions often require the use of prepositions. Zach O. combined both in class. Check out his treasure below:



Here is our new room:

Check out the pictures of Room 1

The first door of the year...

Thanks to Clarisaa S. for this awesome September themed design!


Angry Birds in class?!  


As part of our persuasion unit, we looked at how to write appeals to sell an i-pad like device of our own creation! To explore what an i-pad has to offer, we played Angry Birds as a reward for every question students answered in class that day. Thanks to Neil, our Angry Birds expert, for helping with the inspiration for this lesson!  


 Poetry Rocks!

As part of our poetry unit, we paired poems with popular songs. Check out Tasha playing a selection for us in class!



Check out our door...

        A special thanks to Caitlyn and Morgan for making the door to room 12 awesome this year!

 Easter Theme  Holiday Theme


A last look at home room 12 before the HMS project starts this summer...


What a bunch of turkeys!

For Thanksgiving, we made some feathered friends in work shop. Check out our creations below!


Titanic: An Epic Adventure in Writing

Here are a few pictures from our virtual field trip about the Titanic on Nov. 8, 2010:


 Here is our class room display for

the Titanic unit:


Here are some picture of our class room for 2010-2011:


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