Unit 4 Biodiversity & Change


        Unit 4           Teacher Notes              Student Classwork Packet

    Lesson 1 Adaptations and Comparative Anatomy (slides 1-23)      Online Textbook 

           watch the Teacher Recorded Notes  to complete your Student Spiral Notes       

           Adaptations Video        Evidence for Evolution Video

           Online Lab-Adaptations

          Frankenstein's Lab Game 

          Diverge Article    

         Practice Quiz

    Lesson 2 Natural Selection and Evolution (slides 24-31)       Online Textbooks

            watch the  Teacher Recorded Notes to complete your Student Spiral Notes     

           Natural Seln Video    Evolution Video    Speciation Video    What is Evolution Video    What is Natural Seln Video

           Online Lab-Natural Selection

           Evolution Alien Game

           Artificial Selection Article   

          Practice Quiz

    Lesson 3 Evolutionary Processes (slides 32-45)      Online Textbook  

            watch the  Teacher Recorded Notes to complete your Student Spiral Notes      

           Genetic Drift Video 

           Online Lab-Loggerhead Turtle

          Evolutionary Biology Game

           Isolation Article

           Practice Quiz

    Lesson 4 Biodiversity and Classification (slides 46-57)       Online Textbook          Online Textbook

           watch the Teacher Recorded Notes to complete your  Student Spiral Notes     

          Classification Video    Biodiversity Video    Dichotomous Key Video 

          Online Lab-Classification

          Peppered Moth Game

          Biodiversity Article 

         Practice Quiz

    Lesson 5 Human Impact on the Environment (slides 58-74)        Online Textbook        

          watch the Teacher Recorded Notes to complete your Student Spiral Notes     

          Human Impact on the Environment Video 

         Online Lab-Human Impact

         Climate Kids Game

         Invasive Article    

    �   Practice Quiz


            Quizlet: Unit 4 Vocabulary

            Review Game: Unit 4 Kahoot


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