F.I.S.H Binders

FISH Binders

I am very excited to introduce you to our Fish binders.  Each child has a binder with a folder for taking papers home and returning papers to school.  This binder will be a great way for us to keep in touch about any concerns or requests you may have throughout the year.  YOUR CHILD MUST RETURN THE BINDER TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY!  Failure to return the binder or to loose the binder will result in a fee to replace the binder and its contents.  Inside the binder you will find a blue folder with sections for “Home” and “School,” notebook filler paper, this will be used for correspondence between us, a monthly behavior chart with a stamp for each day, and a list of words for your child to practice throughout the school year. Check your child’s binder everyday to know how your child’s behavior was for the day.  Green was a good day, your child followed all directions and had a great day, Yellow was an okay day, your child may have had a few problems but overall it was an okay day.  Red was a need to work on it day, your child had a hard time following directions but will try better the next day.  Please talk with your child about their behavior everyday.