ABC's of Kindergarten

 ABC's of Kindergarten


Arrival School starts at 7:50 am.  Children may enter the building at 7:30 for breakfast.  The doors are not unlocked until 7:30, so do not drop off your child any earlier.  Your child should be dropped off at the front of the building even if they will not eat breakfast.  All of the children meet in the cafeteria.  If you arrive after 7:50, please take your child to the office for a tardy slip.

Attendance Your child needs to be at school every day.  Our day is packed with many important learning opportunities that are hands on or in small groups.  We cannot send this type of work home for your child to make-up.  Our time is also very limited and tightly scheduled.  Every time your child misses a day or is tardy, they are missing valuable learning opportunities.  We understand that children get sick, or other unforeseen things might occur to prevent your child from attending school; however, if your child is able to come to school, please do your best to get them here on time.  Call the office if your child is unable to attend school at.  Please do not send your child if he or she is ill.  Check the policies on illness in the handbook.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Birthdays The state of Arkansas does not allow parents to bring birthday snacks to school.  We will celebrate your child’s birthday with a song and special day for your child, but you may not bring cupcakes, cookies, or cake to class.  Thanks for your cooperation with this law.

Bus If your child will be riding the bus, please contact Ms. Betty in the school office for any changes by 2:00.

Behavior Policies Please refer to the behavior policy letter that is included in this packet.


Clothing Please read the handbook on school dress codes.  Girls must wear shorts under dresses/skirts, and no spaghetti straps are allowed.  Tennis shoes are required for PE and recess.  They are the safest shoes for these activities.  Please do not send your child in their “Sunday best” clothes because we will use dry erase markers daily and they do stain clothes.  We do our best to keep the children from marking on themselves, but sometimes kids have accidents.  Please send an extra change of clothes in a labeled bag with your child.

Conferences My conference time is 1:10-1:50.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to meet with you.  You can also contact me by email.


Dismissal The bell will ring at 3:15 for Kindergarten dismissal.  If you are picking up your child, please pull up to the front of the school and wait in line for your child.  There will be a teacher on duty to release your child to you.  If you change your regular pick-up plans, I must have a note from you stating the change.  We do not allow a child to simply tell us about the change, it must be in writing.  Please notify the office if plans change during the course of the day.  Dismissal is not the time to discuss concerns or student progress.  Please set up a conference time to discuss these topics. 


Field Trips We will take several field trips throughout the school year.  You should have already completed a permission slip when you registered your child.  The students are transported by bus to all field trips.  We encourage parents to volunteer to go with us; however, only students and school personnel are allowed to ride the bus.  Younger siblings are not allowed to attend the field trips with the school.  If you attend, it should be time to spend with your Kindergartner.


Guided Reading Your child will have the opportunity for small group reading instruction each day.  Our reading groups will be pulled during center time.  In these groups, your child will work on reading strategies, phonics, and other literacy related mini lessons.  This will be time for your child to work on independent reading with my guidance.


Homework Your child’s backpack is very important.  Please make sure that it gets unpacked everyday and see that your child does not leave it at home.  Every night your child will bring home a red folder.  This needs to come back everyday!   We will not have a lot of paper homework.  Most of the homework will be practicing skills we are working on in class.  We work so much at school and children should be allowed to have fun and relax when at home.  The skills we are working on will be listed on the weekly newsletter.  Each week, your child will be learning new sight words and these need to be practiced at home.  Your child also needs to practice the reading strategies that we are learning at home.  They can practice by listening to you read and answering questions, reading with you, or reading independently.


Lunch Our class goes to lunch at 10:50.  Your child may bring a lunchbox (no sodas), or he/she may eat in the cafeteria.  If you send money with your child, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  If you or someone else would like to come and have lunch with your child, you must sign in/out in the office. 


Math Curriculum We use Scott Foresman Math for our math curriculum.  It includes math morning meeting, direct instruction lessons, hands on activities, cooperative practice, and independent practice.

 Medicine If your child needs to take medicine during school hours, the medicine must be taken to the school nurse, Mrs. Stacy.  We need to have a note indicating exactly what your child needs.  Students will not be given medicine without a note from home.  Please let me know if your child has any type of allergy, asthma or other health problems.


Newsletter I will send a weekly newsletter home every Monday in your child’s red folder.  Homework, skills to practice, important dates, and other classroom information will be in this newsletter.  Please make sure to read and review the newsletter each week.  If you have any questions about anything on the newsletter, please contact me asap.


Parties We will have several big parties each year that we welcome parents to attend.  You will be notified about the details in the class newsletters.

Phonics Curriculum We use Saxon Phonics in each classroom.  Each week, we will be focusing on a new letter.  During class time, we will have direct instruction of new material, review of previous material, hands-on activities, and guided practice.  Your child will bring home practice sheets completed in class.  Our curriculum also comes with decodable readers that your child will bring home to read.  You can have your child practice blending, and reading these at home.


Schedule Our class schedule may change as the year progresses.  If there is a need to change our schedule, I will send home a revised copy. 

Show and Tell We will have show and tell on designated Fridays.  You will see the dates in the newsletters.  The child needs to bring something that starts with the letter we are studying.  It needs to fit in your child’s backpack and it cannot be a live animal.

Sight Words Sight words will be sent home on Mondays.  We will have sight word tests on Fridays.  This test will include all of the new sight words as well as some of the previous sight words that your child has learned.  At the end of the nine weeks, we will test over all of the words that we have learned up to that point.  Please study these words with your child every night.  These words are so important for your child and will help your child begin to read independently.


Tardies Please make sure your child is on time for school everyday.  Refer to the school handbook regarding tardies.  If your child is tardy multiple times in a week, he/she will miss privileges at school.  (3 tardies in one week miss recess, 4 tardies in one week miss two recesses).

Take Home Books I will be having the children check out books to bring home.  They will have a folder for you to sign off that you have read the book with your child.  These books are important in order for your child to learn specific reading skills. 


Volunteers If you would like to volunteer, please speak to the school counselor.  I love having help in the classroom, but if it creates an issue with your child, I will have to ask that you refrain from volunteering during class time.


Writer’s Workshop Your child will be writing everyday.  I want to build a community of authors in my classroom.  We will work on different strategies that allow your child to be a successful writer.  Each child will have his or her own writing folder.  We will brainstorm, write, edit, and share each piece of writing.  In the beginning, your child’s writing might be simple pictures, but be assured that they are still writing.  The writing will evolve as the year progresses and your child will begin writing stories, letters, lists, and recipes.  Writer’s Workshop will be a time that they can write stories about what interests them and that will make their writing more meaningful.  We will also work on publishing their writing so they can understand what it feels like to be a “real” writer.