Learning Centers

What Are Learning Centers?

A learning center is a special area in the classroom with a variety of hands-on materials that help children learn about different concepts.  Centers allow children to learn as they play.  Children can play independently or with peers.  Learning centers promote higher thinking and creativity in all children.


Types of Learning Centers

1.   Dramatic PlayChildren use props and imagination to engage in pretend play.


2.   MathChildren have the opportunity to solve problems, make investigations, and develop skills while playing with materials.


3.   Discovery & ScienceChildren can use hands-on materials to make predictions, observations, and conduct scientific experiments.


4.   Art & Music Children use different materials to express their creativity and learn about different cultures.


5.   Literacy Children can engage in reading, storytelling, listening, writing, and learning about letters and words.

 6.   Blocks Children use different types of blocks and building materials to learn about numbers and shapes.