Class Syllabus


Mrs. Horton

Beginning of class
   After entering the classroom, you may NOT leave unless you have a pass. The bell does not start class, you start class. As soon as you walk into the classroom, you are required to get out your notebook, place your book bag/purse in the appropriate area in the classroom, sit in your assigned seat, fill out your daily agenda and complete your bell ringer in your notebook.  Then, be ready for class to begin.

Daily Agenda
     You will have a school agenda book but due to the lack of space in this book, you will be writing your daily agenda for my science class in your notebook.  Every day, you are required to write down ALL of the daily agenda in your notebook.  I will circulate around the room to initial your daily agenda, while you complete your bell ringer.  Daily agendas will be a part of your overall grade in class so daily agendas will be kept up-to-date.  If you are absent from school, you are still required to write down the daily agenda that you missed due to your absence.

Late work
     All classroom assignments/homework will be required to be turned in on the due date.  If your classroom assignment/homework is not turned in on time then for every day that it is late you will have 10 points taken off the grade. This does not pertain to EXCUSED absences or projects.  If you have been assigned a project then you have had an extended period of time to complete that project so I will not accept late projects. You will receive a zero for a project that is not turned in on the due date unless you have an excused absence.
Absences/Make-up work
     Every effort should be made to attend class regularly.  When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility on the day he/she returns to immediately write down their daily agenda in their notebook.  You may get the daily agenda from a fellow student, or Ms. Horton’s website.  If the student is absent the day the assignment is due, then the assignment will be due the day he/she returns.  If absent over one day, the student is responsible for completing and submitting all missed assignments within two days for each absent day. Failure to make-up tests or assignments according to this schedule will result in a zero for each item.

Restroom/Hall Passes
     You should utilize the time between classes to get water or go to the restroom.  If you must leave the classroom, you have to carry a pass and complete the sign out sheet located at the back of the classroom.  You will NOT be allowed to leave during instructional time.  Students that do not follow this procedure will lose pass privileges.

     The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss the students.  You will not stand by the door waiting for the bell to ring.  You must remain in your assigned seats until Ms. Horton directs your movement.  Also, students will not be dismissed until the room is clean and ready for the next class.

Food, Drink, Gum, etc.
     Eating, drinking and gum chewing have no place in the classroom for Health and Safety reasons unless it involves a teacher-directed activity  or you have a written doctor’s note that has been given to the school nurse.

     Homework assignments will include reading, outlining, concept mapping, answering concept questions, and journal/lab writing activities, reviewing notes, studying for tests and quizzes, or report writing.  Each assignment is designed to teach or reinforce specific skills and increase your learning.  If homework assignments are not completed then you will be given classroom or lunch detention to complete the assignment.

     You are expected to take notes during class.  These notes shall consist of information that is given orally, written on board, placed on the overhead, received as part of a film/video, or communicated to you by any other methods.  Organization is the key to keeping up with your work and it makes your life easier.  You are required to maintain an organized notebook that will be graded once every nine weeks.  You will be expected to keep all your notes and other work in your notebook. Ms. Horton will instruct you on how to set up your notebook the first week of school.

Quality of Work
     It is expected that you will always turn in your highest quality work.  It is very important to follow directions completely, write or type neatly and legibly, and answer questions in complete sentences; with the correct headings for each assignment.  Correct spelling and grammar are expected.  Work that is assigned for the purpose of being graded (homework, lab reports, class work, etc.) must be completed in blue or black ink.  Math problems shall be done in pencil.  DO NOT TURN IN WORK that has been done on colored paper, written in colored pens (other than black/blue),  written on incorrect sized (smaller than 8x11) paper, or paper that has torn edges, or crumpled.  Sloppy work will not be accepted and will be redone during classroom or lunch detention.

Student Participation
     Full classroom participation is expected from each student.  There will be activities that require you to work individually, in pairs, and in groups.  When working with others, your grade will be based on not only your work but also how well the group worked together.  There are very few jobs or careers that require people to work alone.  These are skills that will help you throughout life.
     Throughout the school year, you will be required to complete several projects.  Projects are long-term assignments that may be completed as an individual or group.  The types of projects that students may complete are listed below:


        Students will complete various types of research/application projects.  Students’ work may be  published in a report, brochure, newsletter, power-point,                   poster or some other type of format.   Students may be given some time during class to do their research but due to limited amount of class time, they must           also put some time in after class (at home) to complete the projects.  More detailed information on these projects will be given to each student at a later date.

Extra Credit
     There will be opportunities for students to earn extra credit points on various assignments but students will NOT be given a different assignment or an extra assignment to help raise his/her grade.  Students are ALWAYS expected to complete the regular classroom assignments that are given to them in class.

Please note:  The syllabus may be added to and/or have items deleted from it as flexibility and student needs dictate.