Classroom Supplies

     Having the right school supplies helps children to learn in multiple ways. Teaching would be nearly impossible without classroom supplies because students would have no way to practice their skills. Knowledge can be transferred by simply talking, but the development of skills requires practice. Having the appropriate supplies gives a child a way to take what he/she learned and apply it to an actual activity.

     Classroom supplies also give students various ways to visualize what they're learning. Different students have different learning styles, so it's important to teach students in as many ways as possible. Supplies in the classroom allow students to express what they've learned, and that expression provides teachers with valuable feedback. Students may pretend to understand a concept as to not be embarrassed in front of their friends, but until you see them display their knowledge a teacher cannot know for sure.

     Most of these items can be purchased at the local Dollar Store or Wal-Mart.

3 ring; 2 inch binder (notebook)

4 dividers for notebook

a pack of page protectors


pens (black/blue ONLY)
WISH LIST:  pack of computer paper (white and/or colored),  hand sanitizer, Kleenex, paper towels, sticky notes, dry-erase markers, etc.

(Remember--each teacher has approximately 100 students pass through their room every day, each student "borrowing" even a little paper, pencil, hand sanitizer, or tissues adds up to a lot of total consumption!)