7th Grade Life Science

Team Bears

Welcome Letter


To the student:

    Welcome to a new and exciting year at Suwannee Middle School.  You have been placed with Team Bears, which consist of Mrs. Ovando (Math), TBA (Civics), Mrs. Horton (Life Science) and TBA (Language Arts) as your core teachers.  This will be a challenging, yet rewarding year.  We only ask that you give 100% and be a responsible person.  Who knows, you may even have fun!

    During this seventh grade year, we will work with you to improve on the following skills because these are the survival skills necessary for high school:  listening skills, note-taking, outlining, following directions, respect for authority, organizational skills, completing assignments, planning ahead, using time wisely, self-control and intellectual curiosity.

To the parents/guardians:

     We just wanted to welcome your child to seventh grade.  But just as important, we would like to welcome you to the seventh grade as well.  This seventh grade team is a very strong, student-centered group of teachers that would like to extend education beyond the school. We know that you understand the importance of education and we hope to see you involved with not only the academic realm, but the potpourri of other activities your child will be part of this school year.  In our classrooms, students will be challenged to be responsible and take charge of their own learning.  The seventh and eighth grades are times of transition.  Soon, students will be expected to have a great deal of intrinsic motivation and responsibility toward achieving their educational goals. It is important that we work together to help them "be all they can be."  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.