Accommodation Strategies

Learning from home can be extremely hard during these times. Especially without all of the resources we have in the classroom. So here you will find a list of the different ideas of how to help your child learn and use their skills. 





Calculator: Can use the one on the phone, a hand held one, all computers and iPads have one

Manipulatives: Used for counting, while you may not have counting animals or blocks at home, you can still use pasta, toy cars, coins, pencils, anything that you have enough of to rearrange to help the students have a visual

Paper/Whiteboard: You may not have paper or a whiteboard at home or even a printer, instead you can write the problems on a mirror with a marker, or a counter, a window, or even the bathroom shower wall. It will wash off all of these places as long as it is not a permentant marker. (Plus it provides students another life skill when you are finished to have them wipe it off). 

Rulers/ Measuring Tape: If you are practicing measuring and do not have a ruler or measuring tape have them measure with common household items. For example I want to know the length of my table, I could use my shoe. So I know it is 9 shoe lenghts longs. 

Clocks/Telling time: Only have an analog clock at home? Working on telling time? Tape different minutes to the outside of the clock by the 5 or fifteen minute increments. This will help them connect the minutes with the minute hand. 



Comprehension: Working on reading comprehension? Stop frequently ask who was it about, what was it about, what do you remember, where were they, when did that happen type questions. 

Reading Materials: Do you not have many books at home or read them all? Use the ads in the mail, the words on packaging or food products, turn the subtitles on the tv and work with them on reading. 

Practice Reading: Are your students practicing reading? Have them read to a stuffed animal, you, your pet, record a video of themselves reading, anything they wish to read to.