Life Skills Activities

There are so many different activities that you can do together at home that can be teachable moments! 


Life skills Activites

Doing Laundry: 

Have students help sort the laundry into the washable loads. Teach them how much detergent to put in and what type of water to use. After the laundry  is finished you can have them fold the laundry and help put it away. 



Have students help you set the table, clear the table, and wash the dishes. These are all skills we have been practicing in the classroom and are easy to follow through at home. 

After dishes have been cleaned work with them properly putting dishes away. Spoons and forks where they go, plates and cups where they go. 



Have students help you clean around the house. Some ways would be to assign them to vaccum, sweep the floor, wipe the tables, clean the windows, etc.... This not only provides them with learning new ways to clean, but it also helps them get up and moving and work on prevocational skills. 



Have students cook with you. Currently in the classroom we have been practicing measuring and stirring ingredients together. Get them involved in cooking and take this time to spend together. You could even teach them how to start chopping up ingredients, finding the ingredients in the pantry, cracking the eggs, and working on their pouring skills. If you are comfortable with it you could even teach them to flip pancakes, flip meat over, teach them how to safely work the stove and microwave. 


Grocery Shopping: 

If you take them to the store with you, give them a list of what you want to buy, have them find the items and use a calculator to add the prices. Then when they get to checkout they can check to see if the number they got was the same total as the cashier gave them before tax. They could also help to bag the groceries as they come down the belt to the end. This can be a teaching moment of if something can be bruised pack it at the top of the bag, not with heavy stuff on top. 



Teach students to take out trash. Then to put a new trash bag in, or if it is trash day have them set the trash out to be picked up. 

If you recycle you could also work with teaching recyclable products from non recyclable. 





Daily Living Routines: 


Hows My Hygeine Questions: