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1.  Words Their Way (Word Analysis)- 


Tuesday WednesdayThursday  Friday
We can look over our new words and think about what I already know about each picture and word.   We can sort our words and pictures any way I choose, and explain them to another partner group (Open Sort).  We can sort ourwords and pictures by their sound patterns (Closed Sort).  We can glue our words and pictures into the sorting chart.  We can brainstorm a list of new words that fit our sound pattern.

2.  Vacabulary- Affixes (dis-)


Tuesday WednesdayThursday  Friday
We can use our schema to identify what the prefix dis- does to a word. We can match our prefix words to their correct definitions.We can play Affix Memory, to continue working with our new words. We can create a dis-poster.

We can create a web of new dis-words.

3.  Text Structure- Table of Contents 

We can use the Table of Contents in a non-fiction text to help us locate information quickly.  We can create question cards about the Table of Contents in a non-fiction book, at our letter level.   

4.  Problem/Solution 

We can read a fiction text at our letter level and indentify the problem and solution in the story. We can explain the problem and the solution (or solutions if there is more than one) in our graphic organizer.  

Please read Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge at and complete your Problem/Solution graphic organizer.


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