Our Favorite Learning Websites

We love practicing what we’ve learned in fun and exciting ways in room 209!  I’ve created a list of some of our favorite websites where we have practiced what we’ve learned in reading, math, and science. I’ve also had a few requests from students and parents to place ISAT practice sites and typing skills sites on our page.  Below you will find links to all of these entertaining web pages.  Enjoy!


Let's have fun getting ready for the MAP test! Click here for a page with MAP test-related games for you fruit band level.



Here is the Jeopardy-style game for reviewing MAP-reading vocabulary.


Click on the link below to access our classroom Kidblog.




Our beloved Jiji can be played at home by clicking on the picture below.  If you hav e not already done so, you will need to type in the activation code.  The activation code for our school is GRA4OG-LNF-BL-FD8. Please make sure that you are completing the "Fluency" portion of the homework, as well.  


We have been working on words that we frequently misspell in our writing. Not knowing how to spell these words can get in the way of our readers enjoying their reading experience.  You can use the Spelling City website to help you practice these high-frequency words in a fun and interactive way.


Compass Learning is now available to us at home!  Log on by clicking on the picture above.  Compass Learning is a great page to work on for 30-40 minutes per week.  Compass Learning levels are ever-changing, so as you move up on the MAP assessment, your Compass Learning assignments will also increase in difficulty.  You can work on both reading and math games.  Don't forget to check your backpack!        


We are beginning to expand literacy beyond traditional platforms.  We are becoming gloggers! The word "glog" is an abbreviation for a graphical blog.  Glogster Edu allows us to create interactive posters or "glogs", which we can use for mind-mapping, creative comprehension, and enhancing our technological literacy.  



We have our RAZ Kids accounts up and running.  Your Pair-Share libraries are all set up, as is the book room.  Click on the picture below to access our account.


  • When we take the MAP test, we are given a Lexile® range.  A Lexile® level tells us what level you are reading and comprehending at. When we know how well a student can read (Lexile® range from the MAP test), along with how hard a specific book is to understand (Lexile® number given to books), we can predict how well you are able understand the book.  You have a Lexile® range of about 150 points.  The first 100 points of the range is your “just right” reading level.  The upper 50 points of the range is the level where you will need a little help from a grown-up.  Lexile.com has a very useful tool to help you create a “just right” reading list.  Click on this link, and you can enter your Lexile® range.  The next step will ask you to select topics you like to read about.  The tool will then create a list of books, at your perfect level, that you can be on the look out for!  Make sure to use the slider at the right of the page to choose your age.


  • The website http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm allows us to practice many different mathematical skills.  This site has games to practice everything from adding/subtracting, to fractions and decimals.


  • Multiplication.com has helped us practice our multiplication fact power.  The games are fun and fast-paced, and really help us work on recalling our multiplication facts quickly.


  • Many of you have asked about typing games. I found the following website, and thought it was a great introduction to typing. Click on this link to go to the BBC's Dance Mat Typing game.