Reading/Writing in Science

Reading & Writing In Science

**Due in your portfolio at the end of each nine weeks**


Choose one of the following assingments:

1. Read a Science related AR book. Test and pass the AR test. Write a one half page summary of the book.  Your paper should include: book title, date you took AR test, score on test, initals of a teacher who saw your score, and summary.

2. Read 2 Science related magazine articles. Write a one half page summary on each article. Your paper should include: Magazine Title, Article Title, summary. You should seperate each article.

3. Find a Science related current event. Needs to be at least one month old.  Write a one page defense paper. This means you choose how you feel about the event and try to convince others to feel the same way. Your paper should include: a copy of the current event, where you got the current event and date, your defense summary.