Binder Outline

Binder Organization Guidelines


Binder Content:

Your science binder is a record of your work from this year. It should demonstrate your abilities to stay organized, keep up to date with your work and prepared for class, understand concepts and develop science skills. Binders will be used to evaluate these abilities quickly and should be the primary source for students in preparation for exams.

Your science binder will have all of your work from the entire year including all handouts, all class work and notes, all homework and reading notes, as well as all projects, tests and labs returned in order from oldest in front to newest in back.

While your science binder will always have the unit in progress and the previous unit, older units may be removed and stored in your portfolio at school.

Binder Checks:

Binders will be checked 1-2 times each quarter.

All binder collections will be UNNANNOUNCED. Students may NOT work on binders after a binder check has been announced. Students who do so will lose points on that binder check.

Failure to have your binder on binder check day will result in binder grade maximum of half credit.

Students who are absent on binder check day will pass in their binder on the day they return or as determined by the teacher.

Binder Grading:

Binder checks are graded on organization, content presence and content quality. To receive full credit make sure:

o Table of contents is present, up to date and located in front of a divider for that unit.

o All items in a unit are present, hole punched, in order, and numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. from beginning of unit.

o All items are completed on time.

In addition, points will be subtracted for:

o Non-science course work in binder

o Binder not present on binder check date

o Binder in poor condition.

o Name/Section not visible on outside of binder

Be aware that….

Each Table of Contents (TOC) should be on top of a divider for its unit, followed by item #1 of that unit.

Date of item should be date item was handed out or started.

If you fall behind and need help, you can look at the class binder to find out what you are missing.

Any group project/lab that there is only one copy of should appear in ALL of the group members’ TOCs. Group members should write the name of the student who has that item next to that entry on their TOC.

In the TOC the name of the item should be very specific as to what it is. “Notes” is too general but “Class Notes: water cycle” is much better. Identify items as class notes, homework notes, labs, projects etc. as well as what they are specifically on.

Make sure all worksheets have the title, your name, date and section.