Paper towel lab write-up

“Paper Towels” Independent Variable: Brand of paper towels  Dependent Variable: ml of water absorbed Problem Statement: Which brand of paper towel soaks up the most ml of water? Materials:Paper towels – Viva, Bounty, Scott, Purepower, Brawny (10cm x 20 cm)100 ml graduated cylinderWaterContainer for wasteScissorsMetric rulerClock with second hand or timer Hypothesis:I think ________ will absorb the most ml of water because…….. Procedure:1.          Gather materials.2.          Make sure paper towel sheets are      10cm x 20cm.  If not, measure and cut.3.          Pour 100 ml of water in to the graduated cylinder.  (Remember: check the meniscus)4.          Roll the Bounty towel from the short end into a tube.  The opening should not be larger than your index finger.5.          Place Bounty tube in to graduated cylinder until the bottom of the paper towel tube is at the 50 ml mark.6.          Let the paper towel soak for 1 minute.7.          Remove paper towel from graduated cylinder and place in waste container.8.          Note how much water is left in the graduated cylinder in ml.9.          Calculate the ml of water absorbed by subtracting the amount noted in #8 from 100 ml.10.  Record the amount in the data table.

11.  Repeat steps 3-10 for remaining paper  towel